I'm a fairly normal, over-educated Kiwi girl, trying to find her place in the world.

I have a PhD in Genetics, and spend my spare time absorbing brilliant (and sometimes terrible) books, movies, music and random internet detritus.  I love writing, sewing, baking, making and debating.  Any, and occasionally all, of the above have been known to make their way onto these pages.

Anything that tickles my fancy.  And my fancy is easily amused.

Where else am I?

Tumblr: short stuff; random quotes-which-delight, reposts and spurious photographic ramblings.

SciCom Writing: Science, for the non-scientific.

Fiction Writing: which I am not yet confident enough to link to. But it has existed for 3 years. The things you learn, huh?!

Flickr: my hobby photography, and of better quality than that on my Tumblr.

Pinterest: things I want to do/possess/see and internet win/art that I find and feel needs to be shared.

LinkedIn: For my professional deets.

And finally - Twitter: because it's fun, and random life-moments & photos want to be shared.

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