Sunday, July 20, 2014

Life, the Universe and Everything

One of those days. Quiet, cold, introspective.

Cold.  But - only Auckland-cold, which makes me feel pathetic for feeling it.  But - acclimatisation. Damnit.
Life is so crazy full right now.  I got a grant!  My first grant application, which went in the week before I went to Rarotonga, the week before I started my postdoc, and was written in 2 days.  I'm riding the wave of 100% grant success rate right now (sardonically) - I know it will be the one and only time such a thing will happen.

Of course it also means that in addition to my postdoc project I now have an extra project of my very own (grin) to organise and run, and maintain a budget for. Speaking of which - had a crash course in grant budgeting this week past, where I had to rebuild the budgets for the major project.  Hellish.  So much money - so many cost streams, plus three countries - not easy.

So work is crazy-nuts but awesome, we're putting together the draft of a teaching module book for the Cook Islands at the moment - so scicomm writing and design which is my perfect sweetspot. Doing it in a hurry, which sucks - but is the reality of our work model. I've got a new work computer on order, with a suped-up hard drive etc, the desktop I've been using cannot handle the design programmes and large files. Can't wait.

Book club is brill - a great group of people, I'm so pleased I joined. This week is The Rosie Project, which I've already read but can't wait to discuss. Highly recommend it, if you haven't read it yet. I've just finished re-reading His Dark Materials trilogy again, a bit of comfort reading. The last couple of months were This is how you lose her (disliked it), Wolf Hall (liked it), If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things (disliked). Next on my list is A Study in Scarlet (book club, next month most likely), The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie, Three Bags Full, and The Lies of Locke Lamora and The Silkworm (via The Farm Girl). Just you know, an easy casual list.

Saw The Volcano a couple of weekends ago with random peeps from a movie club. French film, very light hearted (shallow? I certainly wanted to smack the female lead - definitely watched like her part was written by a man), would recommend if you had nothing better to watch, but not something to go out of your way for.  Its been so long, I'm sure there have been a bunch of other movies past. The Fault in Our Stars was beautifully done, as expected. The latest Transformers movie was underwhelming - so much so that I can't honestly remember how it ended (the dinosaurs were cool though). The new Xmen movie was fab - loved it. So much better than the Wolverine. Can't remember what else has been out this year. I missed the Divergent movie due to crazy work sitch - will see it on DVD no doubt.

I moved house! That happened. The new flat is at the top of Parnell and is freaking gorgeous. I have a decent sized room on the ground floor with my own bathroom and a car park in the garage. The kitchen is all granite bench tops and gas hobs - gorgeous. Wood floors and massive bifold window doors onto decks across each wall.  Can see the Sky Tower out one side and the museum out the other. Am loving it.

Have been going to an obscene amount of live classical music. The NZSO, the Auckland Philharmonic, The National Youth Orchestra, a random Organ recital. There was a Jake Bugg concert awhile back. Want to go see The Good Soul of Szechuan by the Auckland Theatre Company, this month coming. So many things! Auckland is fabulous. A work colleague has been in touch with the organiser of the Opera Supper Club (ooo pinkies out) and I'm keen to get in on that too.

Went to visit the parents and animals last weekend, was perfect timing - had been missing the furbabies like crazy. My Auckland life is pet-devoid and it sucks.
The Father has just sold his boat, first time he's been without a boat since before I had the ability to remember as a child - but, onward and upward with different hobbies (they're out in the camper truck all the time). The weekend before I caught up with the Financial One, we went to the World Press Photo Exhibit (not as much blood/guts as I was expecting) and then had brunch at the Food Truck Garage. Pretty good, certainly a refreshing take on most menu items.

I was resisting buying a coat since I had a perfectly good one - but its wool and long and very Dunedin. Its gotten cold here, but not that cold. So I got a purple trench. Like a human-sized blueberry. Not at all subtle and I freaking love it. (cheesy bathroom selfie, coming right up:)
An old friend was in town this last week for an art teachers conference. We lived together some...8 years ago? Crazy. Was brill to catch up. A new element of interest too, since I've been working in the education-science meld space. Made it to the Parnell Chocolate cafe finally (hadn't been) and it was not nearly as good as I was expecting. A bit...too much chocolate? God, am I getting old?!

The last couple of weeks have been fantastic re news overseas - The BigSib's fiancé is in negotiations for a new job - in Sydney. Much more convenient for visiting than London. A friend in Ireland and a friend in Australia handed in their PhD theses (so proud!), a friend in Thailand got a job, and homegirl up north is moving into a newly bought house with her partner (ok, so that one's not technically overseas). Good things! So much change and happiness and excitement.

I am, of course, procrastinating other tasks, but its been good to chat. How've you been? It's been ages. Lets brunch. *Auckland grin*

Peace out homies, its time for soup and hot buttered dinner rolls.