Sunday, June 1, 2014

Aere ra Rarotonga

I'm in the Rarotonga Koru lounge with free wifi - what is one to do in such a sitch except use it?!  The boss is working - gross.  To be fair I did catch up on all my emails first (the urgent ones, at least) but still!  Its early morning on a Saturday!

That date-line crossing thing sucks.  Leave Sat morning, get back Sunday - stink weekend.  Good timing for a bank holiday though - washing/life catchup on Monday.

We went for a last-gasp snorkel at Fruits yesterday late avo, even dragged the boss along to show her the wonders.  Was murkey 'cause its been shitty weather for most of this week, but was a bit clearer further out.  I saw giant clams!  Hadn't seen them last time.  So cool.  So cool.  Got fish & chips for din since our supplies were down to rice and one wilted bok choy.  The fish was a huge slab of solid fish-flesh and was delicious.  Nothing like what we get at home.  Better.

The Little Brother demanded a coconut bra (don't ask) so he now owes me $10 for the purchase and a years worth of shame.  I'll add an extra years worth of shame depending on how it goes tripping through customs at the other end.  Urgh.

I'm happy to be getting home to sort my life out (3 weeks to find a new flat and move!) but it is beautiful here and I love the atmosphere and the people.  The people are brilliant.  I shall have to come back for a holiday proper, at some stage.

Homes James, and don't spare the horses.

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