Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Wait, you're making me go to Rarotonga for 2 weeks?

I'm channelling Gandalf this evening.  Three hundred lives of men I have walked this earth and now I have no time.

Melodramatic, I know.  And not in the slightest bit ironic, considering I am taking the time to write a very overdue post.  This year has been full on.  Like the start of a completely new chapter in my life and now the font is changing too.  So many new things.

After my big revelation last year and subsequent decision to ruthlessly abandon academia, I find myself 4 days away from officially being a Research Fellow - a full 6 weeks ahead of schedule, with regards the 'altered plan' of things.  Sure, the field is entirely different (entirely), but all the underlying issues with a career in academia remain.  Lets shelve those for another discussion.

So - in addition to official postdocdom starting on Monday, I am flying out to Rarotonga with the boss for 2 weeks of...lets call it 'fieldwork', though I suspect the more accurate description would be 'administration, organisation and teaching'.  Two weeks, from Monday.  One weeks warning.  I've never been before.  I'm hoping the holiday destination sitch doesn't make it horridly impossible to work, because I suspect I'll be doing the afore-described 'fieldwork' during the day, and the current to-do list of tasks in the evenings.  There will be liberal application of 'swimming breaks' first thing in the morning and hopefully late evening.  And I am determined to flesh out the stock library of usable pacific island images.

I love what I'm doing currently, as Science Writer & Designer, though I don't spend nearly enough time on actual science writing nor design; but the postdoc plan is to combine it with research.  We'll see how well that workload pans out.

Anyway - back to the time thing.  I have no time (does anyone?!).  There are so many things to do, so many directions of work tasks - how can I possibly get everything done?! Not to mention the various delightful social life exploits *big cheesy grin*

But, overall - cool directions.  I've met more people though networking in my current field than I think I ever did in my old one, and the meetings involve epic exciting conversations of which could stretch the entire day.  That is a good reason to be.  I'm so excited.

My mind is all over the place this evening.

I made tentative enquiries a couple of months ago about volunteer work up here in Auckland which I need to get back on track.  Holistic, well rounded existence for the win.  I've also joined more work-related associations than is probably healthy, but gosh the connectivity is fantastic.  And my new book club is a brilliant group, and I have new indie-film buddies, and my apartment living/flatmate sitch is an oasis of calm.

And - a gold fish.  I want to get a gold fish.  I miss my animals.

I'm currently trying to finish off a first draft of a grant application due Friday, which I got on Monday.  Its so exciting, planning out your own research.  If I can think of it, and justify it, and get it funded - there's no reason why I can't do it, right?!  That is so cool.

A spot of work writing went up last week.

Lets all go and pretend to be adults now, yeah?  And maybe have some more chamomile to settle this crazy mind down (can you blame me?! effectively a new job, and, well - Rarotonga.  Arghh!)


  1. That's so exciting, sounds like life is crazy/beautiful for you right now! *beams*

    1. Its a weird mish-mash. No significant progress on the front in which you are most interested :P But overall - good things!