Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I'm in Rarotonga!

Got off the plane into a freaking bath of an atmosphere.  It is so hot.  Even the locals are saying how unseasonably hot it is - its supposed to be winter here.  I should say, "winter".

Got off the plane, cleared customs with our 5 bags (2 massive crates of sci equipment for the schools here and printed teaching resources) shoved it all into our rental car and then drove to our accom, which is a fairly unknown wee set of beach bungalows at Muri Beach.  We took a stroll along the beach, bought some water and bread and then got dinner at the local market - basically a bunch of locals cooking different foods for far cheaper than the restaurants and resorts.  I had a coconut to drink, it was awesome (can you sense my childlike glee?!)

Then...we worked till half 9pm.

This morning we got up with the dawn, the boss went kayaking while I went snorkelling - it was low tide so pretty shallow in the lagoon, but very warm and nice and clear.  I saw some cool fish, though didn't go all the way out to the reef.  The rest of the day has been spent trying to sort shit out: like getting internet to work, a sim card for me, checking a bajillion emails once the internet was sorted, getting groceries, visiting the schools and meeting the principals, meeting the people at the Ministry of Education and my getting hopelessly disorientated- a ring road is all well and good, but if you go first one direction, then another, then change again to go back to a govt building, then again to go to a different school - I was sure the sun was setting in the exact spot it had risen from, by the end of the day.  The boss is pretty much a local - it seems like everyone knows her.  And of course - everyone is ridiculously nice.

Tomorrow the car is returned, now that all the printing and equipment is delivered, and I get a scooter.  Hilarious times to come, no doubt.


  1. I think I will need photographic evidence of this scooter-Sarah interaction. Did you get extra cover on your travel insurance? Often it doesn't cover scooter riding...

    1. Photographic evidence is definitely not happening :P Uni travel insurance, will have to check...