Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Fieldwork is Equal Parts

Epic and Horrid, when it occurs in Rarotonga.

Took the weekend off, Saturday was spent swimming, reading and sharing food & drink.  Sunday I went snorkelling at the part of the island/reef called 'Fruits of Rarotonga' with the bungalows' caretaker and it was amazing.  I didn't want to get out.  Fish and coral and omg it freaking blew my mind.  I practically live in the water over summers anyway, but this.  How do the people retired here ever spend any days on land?!  Bill was quite frank - he goes at least 4 times a week.  A cool old kiwi guy burnt brown as a nut.  I've been helping him set up his new computer, and him and his wife came over for dinner with us & the boss's visitors on Friday.  Very funny evening.

Yesterday (it is now Tuesday here) I went for a quick swim in the lagoon at lunch time and saw an octopus hiding in a hole.  So cool.  And an eel further out.  Of course when I tired to go back I couldn't find him.  Probably the best protection they have.

Last night we had dinner at Tamarind house - a beautiful old plantation-style villa that looks out over the ocean.  One of the few remaining original houses left on the island.  Perfect ambience and the food & wine were sublime (it might have been someones birthday, though not mine).  We watched the sun go down behind the coconut palms (photo on right).

The Admin local and I are doing the third school assent and pre-intervention questionnaires tomorrow and then it'll be a whole bunch of paperwork sorting and data logging and urgh.  This afternoon we are running a resource development training session at the big school, I've written and designed a 4 page narrative resource on energy efficient light bulbs to use as an example and template.  Not an easy task when the virtual network link to our files back home either keeps breaking or is too slow to bear.

We went to the market on Saturday - a relatively massive affair with fruit, veges, cooked foods, drinks and souvenirs.  We got some veges for the week, apparently the good stuff is sold out by 7am - the locals all go early.  I picked up a couple of coconuts to pop in the fridge, so my afternoon yesterday was spent working with style.

I'm still stressing about my living sitch back home, which sucks.  Anyone looking to go flatting in Auckland?

Back to work!

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