Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Highest High Tea

Part of The Bustling Metropolis One and my's fabulous Cyclone Lusi Weekend was high tea up the Sky Tower.

Yep - we went for high tea up the Sky Tower on the day of the cyclone.

Because we laugh in the face of danger.

...yeah ok, the cyclone was practically non-existent, on the cyclone-scale of things.

But look!  Rain on only one side of the tower proper!  I thought that was kind of cool.

That morning we went to smash through some personal boundaries - we got neck and shoulder massages.  Not at all a big deal for TBMO, but if you know me -  a big deal letting this happen.  Turns out - it was great!  The lady pummelled the crap out of my shoulder muscles (damn computers and that shitty stressy week) and I felt wonderful after.  My shoulders were lower, I swear.  I'd never had one before, so am pleased I gave it a go (seems to be the year for new things, big and small).  TBMO is back in town at the end of this week for another Master's Supe meeting, so we might just have to go do it again.

With all of the crazy warnings about the cyclone on Friday night, the three of us thought it best to act like good little kiwi kids and prepare a survival kit.  Turns out our basis for 'survival' has been somewhat skewed (Dunedin?  Yeah, lets blame Dunedin).
The pot and wee teapot had water in, I swear.

But, back on track - the high tea was good, if a little non-traditional.  The food was fabulous, as you would expect from the Orbit restaurant.

There was oxtail patty things and spinach & feta quiche (which was so light and fluffy I imagine they had unicorns breathing into the mix), baked salmon, wee sliders with lamb (?) and sauerkraut, and then the middle-layer-of-dreams was lemon meringue pie, strawberry custard tart, chocolate dipped berry (?) macaron, whiskey trifle cups and opera cake.  The only thing I was disappointed in were the macarons, but then we all know I have a soft spot for good macarons. (their middles were rubbish, and the chocolate made them a bit soft/stale).

The view was, as always, fabulous - we could see the dark storm clouds skirting us, and I had fun showing off my knowledge of my new city to TBMO.

I can see my house from here!

The tea sitch itself was a bit sad - they kept trying to offer us coffee instead; I definitely got the impression not many people actually wanted to drink tea with it.  *shakes head* Aucklanders, eh?  So we had a big white pot of hot water and two...tea bags.  Yep.

Not terrible, just not...high tea.  It was Dilmah though, so at least it wasn't (shudder) Bell.

Both TBMO and I love tea, but the increasing swayiness of the tower was a bit unsettling.

We both got dressed up for the event, it was great fun waltzing in our finery up through town and then up the tower, if a bit windy.  As we were leaving I asked if they ever had to evacuate the tower - we were promptly informed that they were starting to evacuate right now.  It was rather perfect timing.  I didn't fancy their having to work up there with swaying-induced seasickness; it was a bit ick, at the end.

And finally, I call you all to witness the remarkable transformation from crazy, to crazy, to..."normal", that tea is capable of inducing in me.  Heh.  Love tea.

Peace out homies.  Go enjoy a cup of tea!

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