Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Random Cool for a Week

Had dinner out with The Hopkins One last week, and we popped up Mount Eden for a looksie after.  It was gorgeous.  She's a local, and grew up Under the Mountain, so it was cool hearing names put to sights.

Friday night The Financial One got us last minute tickets to the last Breakers game in town, at Vector Arena.  I'd never seen Basketball live, nor been to the Vector, so it was pretty cool on both counts.  Not as good as ice hockey, but...

The place was fairly packed, apparently the biggest crowd they'd had.  I was surprised at the noise and music - making noise when the opposing team is trying to shoot is encouraged, and they play some beat-laden pop every time the home team has possession.  Very strange.  But fairly infectious - there were some hilarious kids in the crowd.  And basket-ballers are exactly my kind of tall.  So it was, indeed, fun.

It was The Financial One's birthday on Saturday, and we went for dessert at Milse.  It was amazing.  We got seats at the 'chef's table' so we could watch everything being made.  So cool.  I had a pumpkin, maple and walnut flavoured dessert - very weird and different, not at all that sweet; overall it feels like a palate education.  One of the chef's was hilarious, keen on photo bombing our pic; we just invited him right on in.

Milse does desserts only - out the front you can get wee desserts in jars, macarons, chocolates and frozen stick-icecreams which are fancy in the extreme.  Exotic flavours, the lot.  Out the back there is only seating for about 16 people, and they don't take bookings.  So - you rock up, put your name on the list and then go away for an hour or so to wait for them to call.  Very cool.

The beetroot-based dessert included a 'chocolate balloon' filled with beetroot mousse - they actually put the chocolate in a balloon and pump it up a bit before chucking the lot into liquid nitrogen.  They then cut the balloon off, punch a small hole, and pump it full of mousse.

We could see the eggs they're preparing to go on sale next week - epic Easter eggs.  Hate to think how much they cost, but I'm tempted to get one to take home to the whanau for Easter.

Whittakers has a Big Egg Hunt promotion going on for Easter - some of them are pretty cool.  Big egg art, scattered about the city - 4 (?) of which are in Britomart.

I'm getting the feeling that Easter might be coming...

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