Sunday, March 16, 2014

Internet and Karmic Excrement

Finally.  It only took us a month to sort that out.  But now - internet!!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  It's goooooooood.

I think The Financial One and I have been in withdrawal, because since Friday at about midnight when I finally got the wireless modem set up, we've been drinking from the internet tap pretty solidly.  I think neither of us got to bed before 2 am Friday night.  ...this perhaps does nothing but paint us with the label of 'geek'.

I'm fine with that.

So - an update!  Umm, I don't even know where to start.  Bare with me while I back read for a mo.

*elevator music*

Ok, so you got the job update and the 'I'm an Aucklander now, boohoo' updates - the only other major thing has been the finding of an apartment...and things I want to keep private (Hah!).

Ah, the sporadic draft-writing of the busy.  The above is now a week old, and hideously out of date.  How can things change so, within a single week?  Very easily, apparently.

Since moving to Auckland I have been delightfully busy.  A brilliant state of affairs, inclusive of a fabulous job, catching up with old friends now within same-city (or island), and a boy.  I know - you're shocked.  I was too.  But it was great.  Great.

This last week was completely crazy, and now, at Sunday evening, I am more than ready for it to wane in a burning ball of fiery doom.

Monday we had a VIP visit the classrooms at work, Tuesday I got dumped, Wednesday we had the dress-rehearsals from hell, and a 14 hour day at work for me, (which finished at 1:30am).  Thursday we had 2 live-streamed broadcasts to thousands of students around the country (more on this later, despite the stress and issues (and my sporadic moments of melancholy), it was so, so fun) and I started work at 7:30 am (tired, as you can imagine; after no sleep from Tuesday post-dumpage, then ~4 hours Weds night), Friday started at 7:30 again since The Bustling Metropolis One was visiting (thank god for coincidentally perfect timing) and had an early meeting with her Masters Supe.  We were supposed to go to the zoo Friday avo, but general exhaustion and the promise of Cyclone Lusi had us staying home with a Sherlock marathon and wine.

Red wine is my homeboy.  And my friends are some of the most brilliant people on the planet.  Feelin' the love.  With the exception of one (whom obviously needs to lose the title) they were so there.  God, love.

Saturday was fun and deserves its own post, but ended with the work twitter account being hacked and my having to scramble to fix that.  I am baffled at the speed a bot can work, but can only say - thank god I was on twitter and follow the work account.  I shudder to think what it would have been like had I not caught it till Monday.  We lost a bunch of followers, which sucks.  I feel personally responsible, which is ridiculous - but it has been a week of 'feeling personally responsible' for things.  Not healthy.  Acknowledged - dealt with.

Today has included a brunch, an airport run, and a phone call from my bank to tell me that my credit card has been hacked and has been solidly racking up charges since 9am this morning.  They must have some impressive scripts running to pick up abnormal activity, but they caught it pretty damn quick and I've only lost ~$3; the rest is reversible.  Since I had not lost nor had the card stolen they said it was most likely a vendor I had used were hacked and my details obtained, or a vendor I had used had sold my credit card details.  Now I have no credit card till they send the new one to Mum and Dad's (the post box here is...dodgy) and I visit at Easter.  Will wait and see how desperate I get for it before then...Easter is so far away.  Good reaffirmation of lessons, though - my credit card has a low limit and all internet purchases go through it.  Def recommend the same to others.  Big ups to ANZ, the first time you've impressed me since you swallowed my beloved National Bank.

So yeah.  First world problems, I know.  But seriously, karma, are you done shitting on me for a while?!  I would offer to sacrifice a goat, but even that thought is now tainted.

No goats for you, karma, you bastard.


  1. I went from "YAY" when a number popped up beside your blog name on bloglovin', to "I want to teleport to Auckland to give that girl one damn big hug" in the bat of an eyelash. Hugs from me - I know you already know it, but you're brilliant. Don't let the bastards get you down and all that jazz. Much love!

    1. Thank you, you sweetie! It'll pass; and no doubt more quickly that it should.