Friday, March 28, 2014

Behind the Scenes of a Broadcast

So, two weeks ago we held a massive live-streamed seminar special event to high schools around the country.

I was one of the team running the chat session, where kids who were watching via the internet (as opposed to being in the studio audience) could ask questions, talk with other students/teachers/us/guest scientists, and have some of their questions read out loud for our VIP to answer.

It was very cool.  We were all set up in the kitchen of the venue, with the production crew, the IT internet dude and the sound guy.  I had the extra task of writing the live text - the words that show up on your TV screen to introduce a person or show a question in its entirety.  I've never worried more about my spelling in my life.

Heaps of very cool equipment, and seeing the way they all worked, and the way the tech team all worked together, was awesome.

Very keen to do something like that again.  Fingers crossed, eh?

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