Friday, January 17, 2014

The Cabin In The Lupins at Lake Ohau

The weekend I was in the South Isl in December, I went with a bunch of The Authoress's friends to a log cabin at Lake Ohau.  It was a crazy cool building - I've never been in a log cabin before and the complete solidity of the structure astounded me.

The weather was practically perfect, and if it hadn't been for the fact that I had a massive amount of work I was supposed to be doing (I'd thought the place had internet access...nope.  No writing retreat for me) and the horrific hayfever - it would have been idyllic.

There was a wee copse behind the cabin, and a path through the lupins and woods to the wee Lake Middleton.

I walked around Lake Middleton (there was a tiny bit of bush-bashing involved) one afternoon, but mostly kicked back with my kindle on the deck.

I know the lupins make for gorgeous photography (The Hobbit!) but Christ they're a choking weed.  Central Otago through to rural Canturbury is covered in them.

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