Monday, November 18, 2013


I'm off back up to Auckland on Wednesday, then down to Dunedin for a ~week via a couple nights in Welly.  I'll be back home in a month, in time for a week before Christmas and more-than-is-healthy Christmas carol playing.

The Authoress is grad her PhD on the 11th Dec, and there will be celebrations.  I can't wait.

How did this year go so fast?

I'll be 28 before I even know it.  Urgh.

My plans at the mo are to "move" to Auckland on the 4th of Jan, but we'll see.

Oh!  I got new glasses!  They're stronger and its amazeballs.  I got a 2-for-1 and a pair of prescription sunnies, which are fabulous and make driving a pleasure again.
See you later.  Heh.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Everyone's a Critic: Thor 2

At some point I am going to have to work out a schedule so that my fun writing time doesn't keep finding itself sacrificed at the alter of paid work.  I assume this is an issue all people following a somewhat freelance work model experience, and has just a new work-life balance adaptation needed.  Yuck.

I haven't been to the movies in ages, and I missed a whole bunch I really wanted to see, but I wasn't willing to miss my boys Thor and Loki, so postponed the proofing of the two friend-theses I have on my desk at the mo and snuck out to see it yesterday.

Not surprisingly - I freaking loved it.  I love Thor 1 in spite of its terribleness, and this one is so, so much better.  I'm going to go again on cheap-Tuesday and take the parents.  I think I'll have to make a particular effort to go to the movies even while busy from here on out.  Gosh but I love going to the movies.  So easy to forget.  That trite old piece of wisdom - "make time for things you love, least you end up punching your boss in the face".

Spoilers, sweeties.

So - Thor 2.  Excellent action scenes, a lovely Thor-washing scene (Heh), fantastic Loki, trickery and twists, a brilliant bad guy who used to be a Doctor, some lovely hat-tipping to Norse myths (and some...horrid deviations.  A canon purist, me...sometimes (sorry comic books, I never read you)).  And, to top it off - a delightful dry wit throughout.  A couple times I let forth an involuntary 'Hah!' in an otherwise quiet cinema.  Loved it.  Very funny.

Gripes:  The resolution is a bit weak, scientifically, but I doubt that's the point of the movie.  A supposedly sentient 'monster power' is stopped after being unleashed, 'cause the leather-jacket-Doctor-baddie gets crushed? ...sure.  And they think giving it to an obviously dodgy-looking dude for safe keeping a good strategy? (post-credits scene).  The final, and very touching scene between Thor and Odin...isn't?  So Odin is just kicking it somewhere all "wtf, where did Thor go now?!"

Sif loves Thor (her...husband), to the point of side-eye glaring at Jane?  Oh dear.  I'm sure a goddess would be wise enough and willing to wait for the little mortal woman to die.  Or just kill her.

A bit of a casting change - Fandral is now Zach Levi, which I actually kind of dig.  It took a while to recognise him, what with the blondness, but not at all a bad substitution.  Apparently he was up for the first movie but had to bow out when Chuck wasn't cancelled.

Had a bit of a cracker-combo with the pre-movie trailers too: Captain America 2, and the next Hunger Games and Hobbit instalments.  And, uh, Need for Speed, the movie?! Haha.  Cap 2 looks fantastic.

Love that Thor's armour has a sleeveless summer version.  Oh!  Also, giggles, to make your epic armour combo 'smart casual' for a party?  Just chuck a sweet looking wrap-cape over that shit.  Yum.
Ok, enough fangirling.

This one, I'm going straight for the 5 out of 5 (where: 1=actively burning it, 2=waste of time, 3=don't regret having seen it, but... 4=good movie, recommended, 5=blewmymindwhyhaven'tyouseenityetI'vegottoseeitagaintalktoyoulater).

I love this shit.