Thursday, October 24, 2013

Makeup Tastes Nasty

I'm home!  And it is sweet.  Got in Tuesday night, and not surprisingly I was exhausted; didn't get the chance to have a decent (decadent) sleep-in till this morning, I didn't wake up till 8am.  Bliss.  And my UP band tells me I got some decent deep-sleep cycles in there.

This evening we are leaving for the Great Hawkes Bay Visit, probably kipping the night in Taupo, depending on how late we leave.  It will be a super early morning on Friday, as we all want to get to Hastings with plenty of time to spend at the HB Show.  Can't wait.  I haven't been in years.

Incidentally - we're hoping to get to a winery for tasting and luncheon at some point.

Will be good to see The Ickle Brother again, and his girlfriend.  And some old favourite haunts, perhaps.

In the meantime I am trying to catch up on non-contract work, write a couple articles and ignore the two dogs sleeping on my bed behind me, and the kitten clawing up my ankles while pretending she is playing with a dead spider.  She's fooling no one.

Tuesday night the Ohope fire station had their training - right out front of our house.  They played with the flood lights, unrolled the hoses, sprayed some water about, rolled them up, ran about in their kit and then seemed  For ages.  It was dusk when they arrived, and very late by the time they left.

On the wee cloud-hopper plane home to Whakatane on Tuesday, Dan Carter was a passenger - apparently visiting some peeps in Opotoki who won a Healtheries competition (he totally turned around and stared right at me at one point, before I knew it was him.  I was all indignant for a couple seconds).  He jumped in a rental car at the Whaka airport and tried to drive forward over a rather high curb; I had a good old giggle.  Totally something I would do.  The man is very little in real life.  Quite short, too (though my height standards are above-average...).  In more exciting anecdote territory, there was a wee girl sitting on her Mum's knee a row in front of me over the isle, staring.  I pulled a face, she giggled.  I did it again, she laughed.  So on and so forth (I think the adults noticed but were politely ignoring us) until I licked my nose (yes, yes I do have that skill) completely forgetting the makeup I have on my face when working in Auckland.  New knowledge: makeup tastes nasty.

It is a fabulous day here, and this is the view from my office chair.  How is one supposed to not feel enticed to go lie in the sun?!

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