Thursday, October 3, 2013

Golden Snitch Bracelet

So a couple of months ago I was a bit bored and designed a Snitch Bracelet, after spending probably hours perusing the lacklustre options for the same, on Etsy.

When I got a job, I promised myself - I would get it made.

Well, I succeeded in landing a couple of part time contracts so treated myself.

This was the design brief I sent the manufacturing jeweller over at Mount Maunganui (have I mentioned lately how much I adore my graphic tablet?!):
I had sourced the wing charms and centre bead from various online stores, the beads are actually gold plated, which became a bit of an issue.

Apparently, during the soldering of the centre chain, the gold plating was flaking off due to the heat.  There was no point in replacing it with one of the other beads, since the same thing would happen again.

So - it looks a bit naff now, but I suspect when the rest of the gold plating wears off and only the bead remains it will look pretty ok.  The bead itself is copper.

No a perfect result - but a pretty damn good one.  My only other complaint would be the centre chain being a bit too long, but that was probably as short as he could make it and still adhere to my soldering-only order.  (I didn't want naff jump rings all up in there!).

There's something about taking photos that makes the animals come running.  First the cat, demanding a pat, and then The Mother's Dog pushing my hand out of the way to get to the kitten.  Ridiculous.
Pretty stoked, at any rate!


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    1. Hey Donedin. The wings were here:

      And the round bead here, but I think you could probably find something closer than NZ: