Monday, October 14, 2013

Back in Auckland

[Monday 7th]
I'm back in Auckland for work and so far...its going great!  (10 hours in...there's still time for things to change).


Like not finding time since to write anything down?!  (fun writing, not the work kind.  Plenty of that).  Last week was crazy nuts.  I'm not sure what it is (I lie, its the work, and the specific contract) but I have no time.  Its actually a little great - I definitely work my best when I'm slightly stressed, and having tangible outputs and deadlines is fantastic.

I snuck up to Whangarei on a bus Friday night for the weekend with The Bustling Metropolis One and her new live-in.  They were cute.  It was disgusting.

I kid.  Mostly.  It was only a little disgusting.

We baked a cake in a robot tin to take up to her sister and new baby.  First time I've used a 'novelty tin' and had the cake come out in any sort of acceptable form.  We made roast chicken and wine for dinner and watched Requiem for a Dream, which is not a happy movie, if you were wondering, but is very powerful.

We brunched on the waterfront in the morning and then saw Mr Pip, which was amazing.  Completely unexpected, I had no prior idea of plot or expectation, and TBMO had only read a wee bit, so the movie hit us like a slap in the face.  Very impressive performance by Hugh Laurie.  Just...amazing.  Go and see it.

We had a wee picnic-ish lunch on the deck in the sun, and finished with my first strawberries for the season.

Auckland is...traffic and clouds?

I'm hoping to catch up with The BioFuel One for dinner this week, and The Baby Cousin too.  I was due to fly home on Thursday but they've changed my flight to next Tuesday, and we'll be working over the weekend.

I'm awaiting my ride back to the house now, otherwise would not have found the time to write such frivolous words.  Will try to check back in before the end of time.  The Hawkes Bay Show is in my future, this month - and we are road tripping down in the Parents new camper truck.  Should be fun/horrific.

I have some new things on the go with regards short term employment opportunities, but shall hold those in reserve till confirmed.

It is so good being employed and busy.  And despite my constant whining to the contrary, being in Auckland isn't actually that bad, this time around.  We grabbed some last minute $22 tickets to The Flying Dutchman last week, by NZ Opera.  It was amazing and very much re-established the potential advantages of living here, in my mind.  I'm hoping to make it down to the Art Gallery this week, but we'll see.
That box-thing on set in the right hand picture contained $22k-ish worth of LEDs!  Crazy.  Pretty cool set though, and the orchestra was fantabulous.  They had 'Opera Exposed' during the interval, where they keep the curtain raised so you can see the set change happening, and they pull the director out for a wee chat.  It was cool.

Walked through the Domain to work one morning and made a friend.  He wasn't at all worried about my presence, though I think he might have eaten my face off if I bothered to get further up in his grill.

I had to find the Auckland Uni clocktower building last week, to get my face photographed for an ID card (and I wasn't asked for proof of identity etc either - anyone want to rock up with a number and claim a card?!) and while their building is far inferior to Otago's gorgeous clocktower, they have some pretty cool (though caveman-like) stone work and mosaic floors.

I'm hoping to have time to pop into some shoe shops while I'm up (unlikely).  I want open-toed shoes this summer, by gum.  No lab work = no shoe restrictions, and I am going to take advantage.  Also - the shoe shopping in Whakatane isn't exactly what you would call varied.

Rock on!

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