Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Dunedin, you gorgeous thing

"Got into Dunedin for a most freezing evening yesterday.  We woke to a frost this morning and had to water the car windscreen to go to work.  That said (ok - complained) it turned into a completely beautiful day.

It was...very strange being back in the biochem department."


The words I had time to write at the beginning of my time in Dunedin, and now I am flying out today at about 1pm.  Its been a crazy hell of a week-and-a-half.  Mostly completely sublime - catching up with some most loved people again, always fantastic.  But - I am exhusted and will expound upon my adventures after I get some sleep up north.

We're up early because today is the last day of Genetics Week - DNA day at the Otago Museum.  I have written and designed the paper posters and resources - hopefully I'll remember to snap some pics for proof and for my SciCom portfolio.

Peace out homies.

(Lets test this tablets front-cam!  I of course have it in a keyboard case obscuring the better back-facing camera.)

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