Friday, August 23, 2013

The Internet's Favourite

Oh yes, this is a cat post.

More specifically, The Mother & Father's new kitten, who decided to survive and thrive, is causing havoc and generally being a complete menace.

We've changed one of the rooms around down stairs, so that now when I skype the possibility of various employers seeing my unmade bed is null.  (I joke, it's always made.  cough).
I've just rediscovered the panorama function on my phone.  Fun times.

And I tidied my desk.  Always a traumatic experience.

It was pouring with rain all morning and as such the kitten refused to go outside to burn off some of that mischievous kitten energy.

It began with the stalking:
And moved into hiding:
Then came the cord fighting:
And then the attacking-of-typing:
And then it gets too cute to be annoyed at any more:
And I give up on doing any work with her puttering around back there:
Ridiculous.  I challenge you to having that peeping out at you and trying to maintain a chiding tone to your voice.



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