Friday, August 9, 2013

The Double Ewes

The second half of my trip, at the end of June.

From Wellington I flew back up to Auckland to spend a night with an uncle and cousins before meeting up with The Bustling Metropolis One the next day.

We trained into the city proper and met up with The Hyperactive One for a luncheon up the Sky Tower.
Whilst the weather was not the best, the view was, as always - fantastic.  We celebrated the very many graduations numbered between us, with fantastic drinks (you need a reason to drink at lunch time, especially when one of the party is due back at work for a meeting by 2...), and then TBMO and I went to the museum.

Auckland museum is my fav in NZ (sorry, Te Papa...).

We managed to catch our bus up to Whangarei and were later joined by THO for the weekend.  It was pretty much perfect weather for the rest of my stay up north, as you can see from the view at the Whangarei heads:
Let it never be said that those with doctorates are incapable of acting with immaturity. *snigger*.

We visited Claphams Clock Museum, which is amazeballs and I highly recommend it, if you are in the area.  I have many photos from here, of which I will eventually manipulate and upload to Flickr.  Seriously - it is fantastic.
On the Sunday TBMO's sister was having a baby shower, for which we baked cute footie cupcakes (unknown baby sex):
TBMO's inspiration, not mine.  First time fondant experimentation was probably not best slated for when two dozen cupcakes are needed, pronto.  I managed to make a very scary, very hideous teddy bear type...thing.  Actually, maybe it was a baby.  I can't remember.  It was hideous, at any rate.  Also, fyi, trying to sculpt baby rattles out of pink flesh coloured fondant is not a good idea.  Trust me - they won't look like rattles.

We left The Hyperactive One behind in Kamo, and with our cupcakes TBMO drove us up to Kawakawa for the baby shower with her brilliant family and friends of her sister's.  It was really fun, and always great seeing the family from which your peeps came - both resemblances and the shared sense of humour.  Hilarious.

TBMO managed to hook us up with whanau tickets on a cruise round the Bay of Islands the next day, which we rocked up to first thing in the morning not knowing where it was headed or for how long.  Not that it mattered, as once again (after the morning fog burnt off, and quite quickly at that) it was a most sublime day.
We fed swarming snapper off the back of the boat, alighted upon an island, took about a million photos and very much marvelled at the beautiful scenery and crystal clear water.  I now understand why it is such a hotspot for Auckland holiday makers.  Beautiful.

Funnily enough, it being a Dolphin Tour, we didn't see a single dolphin.

We lunched in Russell, walked around the Waitangi Treaty grounds (more photos, to come; and absolutely no funny stories about my geography skills.  Nope, none.) and went back to inspect the famous Kawakawa Hundertwasser toilets (photos!) before heading back home to Kamo.  We road tripped back down to Aux airport with TBMO's sister and first child (cutie!) and I flew home quite happy and exhausted.

It was so fantastically beautiful and a completely brilliant couple of weeks away.  I'm also quite shocked it has taken me this long to see further north than Whangarei.  Can't wait to do it again!

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