Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Everyone's a Critic: t Leaf T

Last time I reviewed tea it was by Tea Total, and I do believe - I have found a new favourite brand in which to explore: t Leaf T.

They have their shop in Manners street, Wellington; which I seem to visit every time I am down there for work or friend-hanging, and carry a delightful selection (quite beautifully displayed, also).

Last time I tried to go was the Friday earthquake a couple weeks back, which shut shops and stuck me on a bus for 2 hours, from the airport conference centre to Lower Hutt.  Yuck.

Anyway, my purchase list of tea for The Mother, The Grandmother and myself was postponed and internet ordered once I got home.
The Mother has rubbish guts and can't drink black tea, but has gotten sick of plain chamomile and peppermint, so I ordered a bunch of white tea testers, to see if a) her stomach could cope with them, and b) if she found any of the flavours acceptable.

We tried the White Rose first, and dry; is gorgeous:
Unfortunately - I just don't like white tea.  I was willing to give it a go,  On the plus side - Mum quite enjoyed it, so it looks like we can expand her tea repertoire after all.  (the drained brew looks like baby skin shavings.  Gross!).

My tea leaves - I like fermented.

The earl grey blue flower is a keeper, and I love the Christmas tea - nice and spicy warm.  I had forgotten until I brewed a pot, but I had tried the Chrissie one before - a couple of winters ago at my dear Crazy One's old house.  It evoked quite the set of memories.  I shall try the Monk's blend within the next few weeks.

Funnily enough The BigSib got The Grandmother hooked on Jasmine tea, however - she thought it was pure Jasmine flowers and every shop-keep since has told her they don't stock it.  I checked the old packet and it was actually a very normal green tea/jasmine blend.  She was quite shocked to discover that she had, firstly, been drinking a green tea, and secondly - that she had been enjoying it.  Oh the delights of misdirection.

Gosh I love tea.

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