Monday, August 26, 2013

Dinosaur Imposters

Remember way back, when I got those expanding-from-pill dinosaurs?  (and made that, frankly amazing, expanding dinosaur gif).  And was so distraught to find a bull within my dinosaur herd.

Well, amongst cleaning up my work area last week I found the rest of the packet, and threw them in a bowl of water over lunch.

Turns out, my ire was well deserved and slightly premature.

Oh, what's this?
A shark?  A pony? A giraffe?!  So not only do we have dinosaurs and farm animals mixed up, we have African and ocean kids thrown in there for fun too.  Some underpaid slave at the junk factory is having a right old giggle about this most noble of revenges.  (you know; between the tears of oppression and weeping over exploitation...).

About the last, however, I was baffled:
I can't wait to confuse nieces and nephews with such animal groupings.  Chop chop BigSib and Ickle Brother!  Misinformation awaits your offspring!

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