Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Everyone's a Critic: Man of Steel

Eeeeeeeeeeee! LOVED IT!

The Man of Steel is one of my favs (none of this batman bullshit - gimmie some real super powers!); as kids we'd watch the Christopher Reeve movies over and over on VHS (taped off the TV with the ads manually stop/rec'd out.  '80s kids RULE!) so I think we're all primed to like reincarnations of it.  (shall we just not mention 2006?  It wasn't terrible...).  And I watched Smallville with the BigSib, when we lived in the 'Bay (loved Lex).

Ahh - good times.

(SPOILERS, sweeties.)

But this was pretty neat.  I liked the back story, I liked that his life before 'coming out' was covered, I liked that they showed it to be an emotional struggle - that he knew of the possibility for the world to dissect him rather than accept him.  That his birth was natural and his mother didn't want to let him go, despite knowing it would mean his death.  (speaking of which - surely after an untold number of generations of matrix-pod-like-breeding, the ability to give birth would be severely compromised?  Or at least severely dangerous without a healer present?!).

I like the shear disregard for damage avoidance displayed in the fight scenes.  Can you imagine the insurance claims and cleanup costs involved after such supernatural fights, the world over?  It was nice having a girl kicking ass, even if she was a baddie.
I liked the explanation for the destruction of their Kryptonian society, and that life-purposed breeding was a plot device.  Especially when the bred-for-soldiering villain adapts so quickly to Earth's conditions.

I like that now all of this background is covered - the next movie can cover some really good Superman saving the world by doing super stuff can happen.  Part of me always hopes they'll bring back the 'flying round the world backwards turns back time' thing, again.  Hilarious.

I didn't like the explanation behind his superpowers - 'absorption of radiation' indeed.  Nor how he lost his abilities when exposed to home-planet-like conditions on board the spaceship.  That shit just doesn't make logical sense.  Either the lifetime of 'radiation exposure' changed him, fundamentally, or it didn't.

I did like Henry Cavill in the skin-tight suit role.  Oh yes.  Good choice that.  If it wasn't so much the antithesis of Superman, I'd have him in that rugged beard look all the time.

4.7 out of 5 (where: 1=actively burning it, 2=waste of time, 3=don't regret having seen it, but... 4=good movie, recommended, 5=blewmymindwhyhaven'tyouseenityetI'vegottoseeitagaintalktoyoulater).

Above Star Trek, below Iron Man 3.  Sounds about right.


  1. Woo you're back! I really liked this as well, and that's from a non-Superman-nerd :)

    1. Yeah, the nagging was getting impressive!
      Loved the pics of the colour run you did, very cool.