Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Brother, Bug Bag & the Best lip Balm

The Ickle Brother visited with his feminine half a fortnight ago, and arrived bearing gifts!  The best kind of visitor.

It's a bit of a down point in the bee season right now, so it was the perfect time for them to get away (they both work for the same honey company; her in the customer service/sales side, him as a beekeeper).
The wee clutch is pretty darn cool, even the zip-pull is a pair of wings.  And the Banks & Co lip balm is the best I've ever found (hence the stocking up).  It's made in a base of beeswax, and if used once morning & night (with your normal cleansing/moisturising regime - just to sound like a bad TV advert.); I've found it completely negates the need for any type of lipbalm or chapstick during the day.

They also bought some pressies for Mum and Dad, and - these:
Completely gorgeous match boxes.  Its strange the things I find beautiful, sometimes.

To continue a new and brilliant tradition, we went fishing off the wharf; with an aim of feeding the kitten, and a stipulation that we weren't allowed to leave until all of us had caught at least one fish.  This was helped along by new hooks on our lines, and the time-honoured family tradition of white-bread-for-bait.
I'll be honest - I was so darn excited to have caught a fish, and second too.

Total success.  We kept the fish alive in a half bucket of water, and my dog knew not what to make of them.   He put his head in to look and sniff, a fish would move and scare the bajezes out of him - leaping backwards, and then he'd wait a mo and do it again.  Once I cut off some fillets and chopped them up into manageable pieces, the kitten attacked it like a ravenous hell beast, and polished off the lot.  (before I cut it up she was just dragging hunks of fish about like a crazy thing, too excited to actually do anything with it).
There was some pretty nice weather, as seems to be the norm at the mo, and there were even kids jumping off the wharf to swim, though it is supposedly the middle of winter.  Crazy.
The Ickle Brother had a nasty cold, and left that behind too.  My nose is at the point of broken-sandpaper soreness and I am not a happy lady.  My SPCA shift this morning was particularly distressing, without going into detail; it should be known that cleaning up 6 puppies worth of mess (in addition to the normal adult dogs) is not easily done on a queasy stomach.

In other news, I got a phone call from an old boss last night whom has asked that I help them out a bit, with a thing, for a while.  They're flying me down to Wellington next Monday/Tuesday to sit in on meetings and have a chat about the work.  I am very much looking forward to it.

Also forthcoming - a recap of my great North Island Friend Visiting Adventure from the end of June.  Some cracker photos.

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