Friday, June 21, 2013

Whakatane Quilt Exhibition

I'm not even kidding, back on the 17th May.  It was crazy.  Granted, I think I was at least 20 years younger than every other person who attended...  I asked at the front desk (some of Mum's friends from Quilting Club) if I could take photos, and was told to go nuts; of course everybody inside seemed to assume I had a secret nefarious purpose.

Old(er) people are strange sometimes.

Part of the fun was an 'audience favourite' category of judging, which was determined by everyone coming through writing the number of their fav quilt down on a wee bit of paper and popping it in a box at the end.
I shall hold you in suspense and not reveal my fav until last.  Oh the power.

For the rest, lets divide them up into categories.

Category the first: A Shit-tonne of Work

Category the second: cool

Ok, so I had a lot that I really liked.  The ones I didn't, obviously didn't get photographed.  Funny that.

Category the third: Oh, you witty quilters, you

Category the forth: WINNER!
Called 'Morris and Michelle', and made by the amazing Mary Transom.

Just - wow.  Beautiful.

The amount of time these women spend on their quilting is just...insane.  I have to admit to a lack of patience, I like the patchwork side of things, but give me a mechanised, automated quilting machine any day.

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