Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Six Days Off

Being a full month since last post.

Swings and roundabouts, eh?  Of course, the shorter stuff has continued in the interim.

Completely ignoring all that - I've finally gotten around to photo editing some old stuff, some new stuff, mostly all random stuff; and have loaded 'em all up on Flickr.

For example, Trouble when he was only just Trouble, but very much trouble.

The beginning
Awwww.  I mean, come on - awwwww.

Dunedin on a good day, back in the day:
Old Winter Door

And then some stuff from this year, like The Baby, Baby Cousin having a go at 'extracting' The Ickle Brother's honey, by hand.  Much cheesecloth was used and fun had.  Don't even ask what shapes the muslin+wax lumps got formed into.
Everyone gets a go
They came down again for Queen's Birthday and the little bugger has gotten even taller.  I am doomed to be the shortest in the family forever (he's only thirteen).

Dad's got a swan plant in the back corner of the vege garden, and the caterpillar-and-corrugated-iron colours tickle something in my brain:
Home with a view

Silly boy was hit by a car.  Out of all the cats I have ever had, I think he was my favourite.  He was so much more like a dog, than even our dogs.  Mum and Dad got another kitten, opposite as possible - female (only the second female pet this family has had, ever), and brindle/Tabby/weird coloured.  She spent a couple of weeks being skeletal and not eating/drinking/causing the vet to tell us she would die, and then- suddenly decided to live.  She's eating like a (very tiny) horse and just cracked 1kg.  We can't decide between 'Holly' or 'Hermione' (you can guess which is my pick) so she gets called 'Little Girl' and I have a feeling it might stick.

Trouble spent the first week acting like a closet Mother Hen, but perhaps he could tell she was ill, because he is certainly not so gentle with her now.
Mother Hen

The Little Girl is, of course, still top in the pecking order.
Mammal Pile

There's more fun stuff (read 'eclectic assortment and crazy angles') in my photostream.  I think I like the Flickr redesign too.  Is such a thing ever heard on the internet?!


  1. Hugs for the ginger monster, it's tough when you lose a pet x

    (Also love the new design!)