Thursday, June 13, 2013

I WENT TO HOBBITON!!! (The Matamata movie set version)


Alas, yet not the real Hobbiton in Middle Earth.  Be prepared, I might brutally tear back the veil over the rough unvarnished truth at some point following, but - you have been warned.  Read forth not, if you possess a delicate constitution (with regards movie reality) and prefer to remain in ignorance of the cruel tricks PJack has played on you.

But firstly - I'M AT BAG END!

Tripped over the North Island to visit with The Veterinary One, finally met her gorgeous animals, saw her beautiful new house, and - oh yeah - WENT TO HOBBITON.
TVO does agility training/comps with her dogs, which is very cool to watch the practising for.  (Luka (bottom left) was totally my fav, a Japanese Spitz and very jealous of all the attention the baby (Zeke, bottom right, Boarder Collie) gets at the mo.).

TVO and I were tight way back in the day and went to the ROTK prem in...2003.  Speaking of decades, our grad class is reunion'ing in December, or so I hear through various grapevines (apparently since I quit facebook 3 years ago, I died - and no one noticed until now).  Marriage and babies for the majority, much?!  I'm wondering if I should take my thesis in a pram...
Random segue.  Anyway - Hobbiton was great.  Even with it not being the best time of year for flowers and so on, but the Waikato has recovered from the drought quite nicely and there were still an awful lot of people doing the tour (one leaves every 30 mins, takes ~2 hours).  $75 a pop, but I think worth it - it's not something you would do more than once, I think.

Our guide was called Freddie, and they are most insistent that you not wander off.  Fair enough, considering the thing is worth something like 70 mil, and the possibility remains that they might return for re-shoots.  Night-time security is intense, apparently.  Freddie played the theme on a pipe:
And got the job by applying to work on the farm (one assumes as a farm hand) and having his application put in the wrong pile.

We had some epic fun being...yeah, pretty naughty.
There is only 1 hole that you can stand within:
And now - for the veil-tearing-away:
Bag end has enough of the inside panelling done to let someone through the door, but that's it.  And you are certainly not allowed close to it, to see further.
I'm going to upload my good pics to Flickr, including an in-depth visual study of the fake moss/lichen ageing of the wood/bricks etc etc.  Fascinating.  So there's something to look forward to.  Heh.

In final note - it was a completely beautiful morning, which clouded over just for our tour and then fined up on our way home.  Typical.  That said, it was pretty much torrential rain all Sunday, so can't complain too much.

I'll leave you with a plethora of evidence of TVO's photo bombing habit.

Much fun.  If you're a LOTR lover, and you get the chance - do it.


  1. Just come back to facebook already! It makes keeping up with the goss infinitely easier.

    1. I much prefer finding out my gossip by talking to people, as opposed to silently stalking facebook pages.

      Like hearing about you and your awkward rash...