Sunday, May 12, 2013

Change Is As Good

As a holiday.

I've recently invested in a graphic drawing tablet (from here at the general-internet-advice of Madeleine) which was gloriously cheap, considering the inflated prices of Wacom and the like.  It also has a massive drawing surface, bigger than what I could have afforded on my non-existent budget at any rate.  I've been saving the cash notes my Nana pops in my Birthday cards for the last couple years, and finally decided to liberate them from my jewellery box.

Further, at a random asking of my Father if they might have any spare monitors kicking about at work, he came home last week with a beautiful big flat screen, brand new, especially for me.


And now look!  My tech is all best friends and happy:
Note my photo manipulation in an attempt to hide the mass of detritus all over my desk.

After only half a week I am not sure how I managed to do anything with only one screen, let alone my wee laptop screen.  Being able to have both photo manipulation and document design software up and visible is amazing.  And then both word doc and internet browser for various fact-checking.  Brilliant.

I am trying to restrain my impressed-ness, I promise.

I've been dabbling in various projects these last couple of weeks, amongst other life distractions, one of which is several concept designs for The BigSib's wedding invitations for her to choose from/give further direction.  The theme is 'Vintage' and the colours blue and cream, and I don't think I would have chosen any differently had it been me choosing.  'Vintage' weddings are very much 'in' at the moment and there is a wealth of inspiration on line.  I am also a big fan of high quality card stock, lace/ribbon/floral fabric and am definitely going to be incorporating my-designed wax seals and paper embossing.

So.  Much.  Fun.

And there is not only the invitations but place settings, thank you cards etc etc.  Ooooooooooooo...

On a side note, she asked me to be a bridesmaid, which I'm also pleased about, sure

Amongst this design work I started fiddling with some of my own stuff and decided it was ripe time for a web redesign.  Three and a ~half years is long enough, I reckon - my skills have certainly evolved a heck of a lot in that period.  Clean, white space is pleasing me at the mo.  What do you think?

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