Thursday, May 16, 2013

Card Making: Part II

Yeah yeah, I know I said it was likely a thing that would only get tried once, but The Father wanted some cards to use for certain business associates (joke), and, well - cool robot paper.

I'm not quite sure how the people who make these components decide on categories, because:
Robot/spaceship/dinosaur/car is definitely not a set I would have put together.  Its almost like finding a bull in your foam dinosaur collection, only this one is so random it almost becomes acceptable regardless.

Paper craft is surprisingly...enjoyable.  And coming up with cards that are not hideous - is actually quite hard (you know you've seen the ugly ones for sale by old ladies at craft fairs/farmers' markets).

Once again I am going to close with the claim of this as the most likely-last time I dabble in card making.

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