Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Birthdays & Bernina Aurora Embroidery

It's that (broad)time of year when several pretty cool people (The Ickle Brother, The Authoress, The Crazy One, The Dynamic Personality One, The BigSib and 5 other extended family members...) have their yearly gift-and-cake fest.

Last Friday it was the Maternal Grandmother's and she turned a whoppingly....young, 82.
The Mother has recently gotten her Embroidery module working (ahem) and we used it to first do test pieces:

Oh yes, that is a handkerchief saying "this is a snot rag" - you ask me to set something up, you have to suffer the consequences.

This was not an easy process.  Mum's computer was running 32 bit and the sewing machine itself only interacts with a 64.  Of course, no where is this stated.  So there was a lot of...fuss and bother.  I was trying to install (slightly rubbish) software, off instructions written by some person with very little computer knowledge, several years out of date and containing a whole lot of extraneous steps - which we had been told we must follow.  Eventually I chucked it out and just did what I thought was logical.  To completely skim over the frustrated-tears/dark episodes (Mums) section of the tale: the story ended with Mum ordering a new computer and everything proceeding as "normal".

Once everything was set up on my computer, we used it to make The Grandmother's pressies, my half of which looked like this:

The work flow involves designing your piece on some licensed software (do I have to say the 'slightly rubbish' thing again?) and then sending it to an interface program (language-free; who thought that would be a good idea?) which then sends the stitch instructions to the sewing machine.  The machine chugs along, prompting you via pictorial instructions to raise/lower the foot/snip threads/change thread colours etc etc.

From having a cross stitch project running 2+ years now, I can definitely appreciate the instantaneous results of this set-up.  Of course, you also lose some essence of the 'hand made'...

Definitely a machine which is going to get used.  Can you imagine the possibilities?!  Framed art - beautiful embroidered bad words...

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