Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sunday Craft Dabble

Heh.  So - the Mother got the Grandmother into card making as a wee hobby earlier in the year, the best part of which is the machine that texturises paper - in any pattern you  Pretty.  Anyway, post Sunday roast the Mother and I had a wee go (the Grandmother and the Father were "watching a DVD" - read napping in front of the TV).

I think we'll chalk this up to a craft tried, and leave it there.  Its not really my thing.  Most of the time I was thinking about how I could do better design in Photoshop and Illustrator and print it on beautiful thick or textured card and so on.

Still - a pleasant way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon.  And craft paper these days is gorgeous.  Gone are the plain construction paper days of my youth.
 Bloody cat!
Texture, if you can see it:

Paper crafts, eh?  Who woulda' thought.

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