Friday, April 5, 2013

Easter Exhaustion

We ended up with 12 people for Easter weekend, with whanau coming from Auckland and the Mighty Hawkes Bay.

Its was fun.

Saturday we spent at the lake (Rotoma) with the boat and the biscuit and the kayaks and a couple of balls and the chilly bin full of icy drinks and the BBQ and onions and snarlers and Wattie's red-gold.  Oooooo it was good.  The Ickle Bro's gf and I did a kayak mish down round the end of the beach; when I was little you could picnic in the secret coves, but now they are all overgrown, right down to the waterline.

On Sunday, the kids (Yuss! Still a kid!) went fishing off the wharf, with about half the township, apparently.  We had a couple of wee rods and a handful of stick-lines and the prize for the greatest fisher-person goes to - me.  I caught a massive (unidentified) specimen which could have fed the whanau for weeks, had I not decided to throw it back to let it continue living.
Yeah.  My hooks were at least a metre long, and the sinker is the size of your...head.  Yep.

The Ickle Brother held it up for a photo.  The aspect ratio is waaaaaay out, in this photo it looks erroneously tiny.
I might have used it as live bait for a while before I let it go.


All the rubbish little kids surrounding us were reeling them in like crazy; infant snapper were seen, even.  I have invested in some tiny hooks with flies, and will update you with my stellar future success, no doubt.


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