Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Quilting Saga: The End

This summer has seen two massive quilting projects through to completion.

We started with the KiwiQuilt, a pressie for the homesick BigSib way back when, which - due to thesis, was delayed.  The Mother and I did a side each, with the cutting and sewing of my side, the border experimenting, the quilting and the final binding/embroidery.  The BigSib introduced the Kiwi Quilt to their dog, Harry, before flying back with it to London.

And my quilt - the big quilt, the quilt to end all quilts, the quilt made to keep, the quilt made to take with me on my next adventure.  While I had the fabric stored up since forever, the conception of the pattern was a bit more recent.  Then came ridiculously tiny-pieced floral side, with cutting and sewing.  And the bright-coloured crazy side with cutting, sewing, and then border trials.  We had it professionally quilted with an epic room-wide quilting machine and by some very lovely ladies.  And then finally, finally, The Mother sewed on the binding and embroidered in my name, as is tradition.  It has taken me till now to do a photo shoot  but look!

Bask in its completed glory

And so ends my quilting exploits...for the present.

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