Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Ginger Monster

The parents have added a new furbaby to their menagerie; a 3 month old, ginger, boy cat called Sydney.
During my volunteer hours at the SPCA for the last couple weeks I had been eyeing up potential candidates, and I think we have found a monster which will prove capable at keeping both dogs, and my parents in line. He is fearless, and runs around with toys held in his mouth.  Lies down and purrs in the face of dog-danger, even.

We're taking it slow with the introductions, but my Trouble is proving better behaved than Mum's schnauzer.  But then, Trouble grew up with Logan, my cat, so its old hat to him.
The greatest problem here, is that he wants to play with Sydney like he used to play with Logan, which is a bit threatening to a cat not in-the-know.  Like lifting him up on his nose, chasing each other around the couch, that sort of thing.  They might get to that point, we'll see.

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