Monday, April 8, 2013

55 Inches is Totally Normal

When I was still in high school (just), we were still in Hawkes Bay, and flat screen TVs first came in; my Dad and I ended up buying a screen-and-surround-sound set up, for which I believe The Mother has yet to forgive us.

Well, Easter sales forced us to do it again (just the screen part, and over a decade later, so - not too bad, eh Mum?!).
Luckily, it was an...eighth? of the price of the last one (shudder), and Mum is enjoying the HD as much as the rest of us.  Its crazy how cheap they have gotten - and how light.
I found it amusing that these things are more efficient than the scale allows:
And the poor BigSib is going to have to put up with seeing all of our faces over Skype, through it.

Of course, nothing can ever be normal or run without drama in this family and upon trying to install the monster, Dad broke the wall-wired HDMI cable.

His friend, the handy-dandy local sparky, popped round the next night and sorted everything out.

And now - we rejoice.  In LOTR watched in crisp detail and up loud.
Old tiny (Hah) TV for comparison.  And my pretty Trouble 'cause he loves HP


Of course, this is adding a new piece of technology for me to software-update for the parentals when I visit (assuming I ever get a job and move out again...).  I might have to make a list.  Totally worth it.

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