Sunday, March 10, 2013

Retro Temporary Kindle Cover

The BigSib invested in a Kindle when she was home, since it made no difference in price (worldwide).  She wanted to wait till she returned to the UK to get a case, however, since she claims them superior over there (very likely true), so to protect it I whipped up a wee padded case for her to use in the mean time.

Mum's sewing room is a magical cave of fabric and bits & bobs and I used some fabric left over from our childhood dress-making days, random elastic and cut-offs of quilt batting.
Is that not the most beautiful fabric you have ever seen?!

Did it in less than an hour and with no pattern (barely any plan...) so lets forgive the judging on my lazy white thread.  Mum's machine is just so much more effort to re-thread than mine...

In retrospect (Ha! retro!) there's nothing really 'temporary' about this impromptu project...but then it is only good for storing, and not at all for holding.

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