Sunday, March 17, 2013

My Quilt is Quilted!

Picked it up on Tuesday after SPCA, turns out our worries about the ruching on the crazy side were needless, it's looking amazing.
The pattern is a leaf vine (I didn't want extra flower shapes girling it up, and we exhausted the koru-theme on BigSib's epic kiwi-quilt).

The quilting is actually done in bright green thread, and is fabulous.  It's amazing how invisible it can be on the floral side.

Now it only needs binding, the pretty bright, but deep, blue fabric for which The Mother Dearest picked up in Tauranga the day-of-the-flood.

I...just can't wait for it to be finished.  I am feeling, dare I say it, quite proud.

This has been a project, a very long time coming (2-3 years), and requiring some epic number of hours, and patience.

Hang tight for a final instalment in this quilt-journey, once I give TMD enough puppy-dog-eyes to have her bind it.


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