Saturday, March 16, 2013

Macarons Baby, Yeah

So I jumped on that wagon.  I have, up till now, been pretty much too terrified to even try, due to the wonderful NSHP's epic efforts back in 2010.

But then Bridget had a go, and made it look less scary.

So, because that's how I roll (Pfft, who follows instruction manuals?!) - I jumped in and tweaked as I went.  My first batch were pink, and had caramel centres.  And, I think, had the best feet out of all my efforts so far.
The first couple of rows of this batch were under mixed, and looked like meringue (even the fails are freaking delicious) and I did not draw circles on the underside of my baking paper, so the shapes were all over the place.  And of course, my piping was sloppy - I was expecting it to pipe like royal icing since that's what I am used to dealing with.

Second batch were blue, with a coffee flavoured centre.  This batch I had better, even baking, and less losses (most of the first batch were macawrong (fist-bump, Ms Humble): toasted brown, shattered, hollow etc etc.  This batch was better, but still not great - they had concave bottoms, which meant an excess of delicious coffee flavoured icing.  However, for this cookie - less is more.  The last photo has ruined colour due to the window in the background.  My bad.

The third batch (all this is spread over 2 weeks, mind) was green, with a fabulous raspberry jelly icing.
Better bottoms, better even-heat on top, and smaller circles.

The piping of the batter was interrupted by the builder, and the batter was a bit loose. They also needed longer drying time, to avoid those cracked tops.  But - I think I have my oven position sorted now - one tray at a time, bottom of the oven, door cracked open, not too cool an oven.  Will try with a double-tray sitch next time, to get better feet, too.  And bench-tapping, for bubbles.  You can see the difference baking makes to the colour in this batch.

I have decided there is too much egg in my egg:almond ratio as well, which should help with my lack of height, and slight over-spreading.

I'll be trying again once this lot is eaten.

New favourite biscuit!


  1. Post some to Dunedin now. Please.

  2. Replies
    1. Hah! As soon as I have any savings, I'll come visit you & hand-deliver experimental baking. (you better be somewhere fun!).