Monday, March 11, 2013

Everyone's a Critic: A Good Day to Die Hard

Cheap Tuesdays apparently exist for the wee Whakatane theatre too, albeit with restrictions.  Went to see A Good Day to Die Hard with the Father, BigSib+ Fianc√©.  Perhaps a few SPOILERS, but really - what is there to give away that you were not already expecting?!
A Good Day to Die Hard (2013) Poster
Firstly - yay.  I love this ridiculous shit.  Don't even get me started on their impressive clearing of the radiation at Chernobyl.  Hilarious.

You have to admit there is a fair amount of class involved in flipping the bird to a villain flying a helicopter into a building to kill you, as you jump out of it.  I was giggling at least every 10 minutes (totally had the urge to clap my hands in ridiculous glee at some points) and I think I kept the BigSib entertained since her taste in movies usually tends towards the rubbish end of the scale (RomComs.  Urgh).

The movie starts with Brucie rushing off to see why his son has made his way into jail in Russia, when it turns out he is planted by the CIA.  He basically mucks up his mission and then ends up helping the son to get the dude out of the country and finding out on the way that he is double crossing people left right and centre.

In the end, everyone dies except the father/son McClane duo, who strut off into the middle distance to go back to retirement/being a spy.  A profession of which Daddy does not approve, by the way.  Because of course blowing shit up should always be done overtly, not covertly.  I shudder to imagine the clean-up cost of the carnage they leave behind them.  But then, the world is once again saved from nuclear bombs in the hands of unscrupulous people...not associated with a recognised government....or a government with 'good' intentions...ok I don't know how to set that one up.

But - the son, fairly yum.  Saw him as the baddie in Jack Reacher and thought at the time he would make a far superior Jack than bloody Tom Cruise, if they could age him a bit; but he makes a lovely McClane son, so that's all good.  Pretty good jokes, sprinkled about.

Definitely my kind of movie.

4.5 out of 5 (where: 1=actively burning it, 2=waste of time, 3=don't regret having seen it, but... 4=good movie, recommended, 5=blewmymindwhyhaven'tyouseenityetI'vegottoseeitagaintalktoyoulater).

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