Saturday, March 9, 2013

BigSib & Quilt-era-end

BigSib and her fiancé were visiting last week, back in the country from London to renew visas, which were duly renewed - in case you were on tenterhooks in worry.  Pretty crazy week, and we all road tripped down to Hawkes Bay to visit the little brother and old haunts, last weekend - more on that later.

The pair of them opened the left over bits and bobs from Chrissie that were never sent over to the UK, and then the quilt.  Somehow they managed to fit it in amongst their over-packing and upon returning to Christchurch (his family), it was introduced to their schnauzer; Harry.

I think he approves.

In other quilt news, mine is in for final quilting, with the diagonals on the crazy side having caused warpage and potential 'squaring' problems, will see just how bad when it is finished.

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