Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Clutch of Care Packages

Last week I sent some lovin' to various people around the..southern hemisphere, for various reasons; and it was fun.

Fun things and weird things and eating things and comfort things and awesome!  So much awesome!

I ransacked my Nans' stock of tissue paper (and no where near made a dent in it) and a bit of my Mum's wrapping paper stock, and of course some gorgeous floral writing stationary.
That box was the biggest/most epic and going to an old friend busting her way through the final Dark Months of her PhD in Aussie.  The rule is one wee package for every fail/commiseration/celebration/inspiration/world-hating event.  I didn't even fit in all the win I wanted to, but I was scraping the barrel of boxes-for-postage as it was. (no peaking at the left side photo!).  I'm hoping it will lessen the misery, at least a tiny bit.

As such (reusing old boxes) I went the brown paper packages tied up with string rout for sending.  Have I said before how much I love wrapping and giving presents?! (yeah ok - every Christmas).
The lady in the post shop was delighted and was very careful putting the postage stickers on straight, it was very cute.

In delightful happenstance (its my favourite word for the week) a package arrived for me, from another old friend, over the weekend.

Easter win, perhaps the best mug ever (ok, at least top 10; I'm not sure if you can top drinking out of Santa's scalped head) and home-made chutney.  What a Domestic Goddess, is The Bustling Metropolis One.


This week is full of win.  And it's Easter on Friday - which means an influx of family.  Its going to be a crazy weekend.

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