Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Casket of Colour

I've been editing/proofing a tonne of different things for different people these last couple of weeks, and during one particularly long document I got to nail painting.

It needs to be said - this is how it's done.
Boom.  Klassy Nails.

We also decided the dogs' toys needed a good clean, and despite much protestation at my taking all of the toys away from the dogs, it was definitely going to happen.  So every room, every corner of the garden and every (known) favourite hiding place was scoured and the lot dumped in the machine with liberal lashings of cleaning products.
Turns out - our dogs are bloody spoilt.  That's a big washing basket, and it is very nearly full.

I trialled making some gluten free Easter cupcakes; my aim was eggs-in-a-nest, but we ran out of icing sugar, so I had to use the left over macaron berry icing to stick the eggs in.  End result - kind of poo...ish.
I blame the coconut.  And the lack of my proper icing bags (have been using the trusty fall-back of cut-corner glad bags).  Still - funny.  Aren't the wee speckled eggs cute?!  They're actually raisins, covered in chocolate and then candy-coated.  Cute!

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