Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Ancient Tripod

Seriously, ancient.

Apparently it belonged to my Great Uncle Garth, who, legend would have it, was one of like, a billion kids.


I had been playing around with taking pics of White Island, hoping it would blow up while I was watching.  Alas, no luck quite yet.

After far too long playing around on photoshop trying to align these suckers, I produced this:

And thought, shit - I wish we had a tripod.  Turns out, we do.  Two even; a mini one, and a beastly huge, ancient, perfect one.

So first this:
My first attempt.  I did not have all the screws in, so the whole set up was not perfectly stable.  Also the timing spaces were not at all even (waaaay too excited), and the clarity of the island depends greatly on the weather, for example some days I can see crater definition and today I cannot see the island at all.  And it is still a very fine day.

And then this:

Which I made over the whole afternoon, setting my alarm for first 15 and then 10 minutes while watching Return of the King.  I had the tripod set up on the balcony, properly this time, and out of the wind.

Went out for dinner with my lovely grandmother so I didn't catch the whole of the tide recession, it goes out quite a bit further still.

And you can see how much my OCD tendencies hate the jump from beginning to end, so I copied and inverted the order of the photos in each set, so yes - everything here swings backwards and forwards without the natural progression of time.  Its an Ohope thing.



  1. Ermegherd, that's so cool! I need a tripod. And a better camera.

    1. I don't think you need that good of a camera! And you can pick up a GorillaPod pretty cheap which would do just as good a job as a full tripod!

      Its pretty fun. Luckily today it is raining - gonna ring me some Aussies!