Sunday, February 17, 2013

My Quilt: The Crazy Side

So the first side of my own quilt is all floral print fabrics and very small, 'delicate' squares, which while I love it - is only 50% epic.

The other half of my version of 'epic'; is batshit crazy and in this case composed of bright colours and blocky, stark designs.

I paper-designed and measured and counted squares etc first, as normal: 
And I had sewing companions throughout the process:
'Helpers' observing (with ears, eyes can be closed) from the bed tower - two singles stacked to make room for my sewing table...and covered in detritus from my unpacking and repacking storage boxes.  The two dogs would change places every now and again, I'm not sure why.

Anyway - I then cut, then laid out the pieces to decide on order and specific design.  I mucked up some half turns in this version, but you get the point:
Then I pinned by row, and sewed the lines of rectangles and the lines of triangles separately - hence the massive time delay - I did not want to sew the diagonals.  But I chopped into it on Wednesday night and did it all in one massive mission.

This is it finished, and laid out on top of the floral side for size comparison:
My choice in border fabric was made for me - being of which fabrics there remained enough.  Mum grabbed the extra metre of blue for me in Tauranga on Thursday, since one side needs to be bigger than the other for the actual quilting process and I want the floral side to be the 'main' one.

It doesn't show up well here, but the 'white' fabric is actually covered in small spots of all the other colours.

So: the finishing three different rooms of this massive house.  Whoops.  But - gorgeous retro carpet downstairs, right?!

I can still never get over how much of a difference the addition of each border makes, which colours it emphasises and so on.  I am much happier with the blue being the final colour than the pink.  

And that's it.  Will drop it in for long-arm quilting on Monday, and then bribe my lovely Mother to do the binding whenever it gets finished.

I'm packing up my machine now, and putting the room back to rights.  Am going to move on to cross stitch, and finish the projects I have long had on the go in that discipline (Hah.).

Rock on.

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