Saturday, January 5, 2013

Random stuff, cause its too early to retire

The dogs have been being very cute.  They are both asleep crushed up against my sides right now, since the parents have gone away for the weekend to an old friends 60th in Taupo - so of course they suspect abandonment on all sides.  I have a single bed here, and the only way to shut them up long enough to get any sleep last night was to succumb - they had about three quarters of the bed, but at least I got some sleep.  I am such an easy pushover.
How can you say no to those faces?!  Naughty boys.

Made a fresh cherry pie with Mum one day, that was exciting.  New for both of us - I don't think cherries have ever lasted long enough to make it into a pie before.  I had great fun being messy like a little kid.  Totally licked my fingers after.
The whanau turned up on the Eve for Chrissie, a day after me and the Ickle Brother, and then they all cleared out for work on Boxing Day; so Chrissie was very chilled and completely lovely this year.  In amongst the cheer I convinced The Ickle Brother of the genius of Kindle and sold him my old one.  Upgrade, baby!  He arrived NYE, just in time for an early birthday pressie and to sooth my wounded soul:
Black like my soul and dead, dead heart

Its beautiful.  Of course, exactly the same to read on as my first Kindle, though a tiny bit smaller due to the lack of keypad, but not noticeably different.  I  And The BigSib sent Mum a new case for hers for Chrissie, so I got her old one and didn't have to buy another.  Perfect.


I am currently full of a cold, had to cancel dinner out with my lovely Grandmother, nobody likes a snotty supper.  Who catches a cold in the middle of summer?!  I so do not approve.  I'm also feeling a bit apprehensive about next week - everyone should be back at work and I think I can safely start expecting word on all the job applications.  And - everyone should be back at work.  But without me.


I think my greatest fear may be turning out to be a fear of fading into the mist.  I am real!  I am important!  You can't just forget me or dismiss me or stop caring about me.  I matter.  I do.  (well, maybe to someone, someday, specifically).

And with that rather oblique reference to inner turmoil...moving on.  I am moving on.

Just let it go.  
Don't let the bastards get you down.  
Get a job already.

Three pieces of advice from rather dear people I intend to follow.  Actually, that's worth reminding myself about - this week has been a haven of hearing from and catching up with, friends; some unexpected and old and still quite dear.  Faith in humanity.  Good.


In other news, I spent the majority of my Saturday afternoon rewatching all of the LBD eps to date.  Got up early to take the Nana to the craft market (disappointing - wanted to find something special for a house warming pressie (Shhhhhhhh), but nothing.).  Then crashed for a 3 hour nap, from which I awoke full of a cold and spitting with anger about it.  Might watch the 1940's balck and white version tomorrow, just for kicks.

I've also been using my old twitter (pic's) in place of Instagram, which I deleted.  I'm having a lot more fun with it that I thought I would.  Yes, yes - I hear your judging, you hipster idiots, but I don't care, and I'm not trying so hard to be cool like you are.  Idiots.  Until I get a job I am more than willing to waste my time however I can.

I bring this up because it was the LBD's use of these various 'social media' to help fleshout and make real the beloved old story they are recreating.  Pride and Prejudice, btw; a 'video blog' retelling of the story from the perspective of 'The Lizzie Bennet Diaries'.  I've been watching it from the beginning and am loving it - surprising since I tend to hate any adaptation that has neither the letters 'BBC' attached to it, or the names 'Ehle and Firth'.  So, upshot of my rambling - check it out if you're a fan, its actually very good.  Master Farm Girl is a fan also, and prompted this wee session with her reminder of the very exciting tweet-convo happening between 'Fitz' and 'Gigi' at the mo.


Caught up with The Oxford One for a good half a day in Tauranga last week.  Drank coffee and ate lunch and wandered around and drank more tea - and caught up on a couple years worth of gossip.  Love!  He's back in the lab for a week on Monday, so it just so happens that everyone will be there but me.  I'm not jealous at all.

Godamn!  Packing up your life fucks with your mind and sucks donkey balls.


  1. Yes! Don't let the bastards get you down! Don't waste your time and energies on those who aren't worth it! Fistbump Dr Morgan!

    1. Hah, right back atcha! Hurry up so I can call you Doctor Authoress! Sheesh. Over-educated women for the win!

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    1. There should be some kind of official society again. That'd be rad.