Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Presents In Time

So I'm all about the time-capsule posting today, scheduling this back before Christmas.  Didn't want to spoil any potential surprises for nosey people.

Since I was almost the last to leave the lab before the holiday I took the liberty of leaving a few surprises.

First, a new sign for above the office door.
(Click to embiggen)

Forget me at your peril, people.

Second, as my leaving gift to the lab, a box with this on top:
(Again with the clicking for bigger, readable version)

Inside there are tissues, mints, hair-ties, pain killers,  moisturiser, a USB drive, and some other detritus which everyone always stole off me anyways.  Underneath this stuff, separated by some Drosophila printed paper (of course) there are six kilograms of jellybeans separated into single-serve bags.  Magic beans, to fix everything.  Mostly hunger.  But yeah.  (have you ever seen six kg's of jellybeans?!  Or tried to bag them up? Sheesh!).

Love you kids.  Miss you horribly by now, probably.

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