Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Payback for Hairy Beasts AKA How I have the WORST luck

So I'm writing this post before Chrissie, because I cannot contain my evil, maniacal glee.

Drove with The Hairy One in his truck out to the airport early morning of the day I left Dunedin, and drove it back to park at his house after dropping him off.  Cause, you know, I'm brilliant and totally taken for granted.

I'm also a hilarious bitch.  Payback for so much teasing and shit-giving, and that time he did it to my car, and so on and so forth justifying my evil deed.

By my calculations he found it yesterday and I received angry abusive texts immediately after.  In this time-capsule of post-scheduling, from back before Christmas - I can't wait.
Oh sweet, sweet revenge.
EDIT:  Ok, revenge is not sweet - it is a convoluted bucket of my BAD FUCKING LUCK.  


Apparently THO's great uncle borrowed the truck to drive to Wanaka over the hol, must have cleaned up the mess and THO knew nothing about it.

Its not fair!  My perfect plans!  All awry!


So not only do boys always win, but now I feel bad for his great uncle!

What the hell Karma?!  I am going to kick your scrawny butt!

Of course this now means that we are no longer even...

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