Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My Floral Quilt

Have finished off the first half of my new quilt.

The bones:

Floral fabrics collected over ~2+ years when they caught my eye (you might recognise some from my skirt sewing phase...good god, which started this time 2 years ago, in fact) and supplemented with a couple old favourites out of Mum's stocks.

It took me 6 hours to cut out all the pieces, plain small squares for this one, am going to go a bit crazy on the other side with fluros and shapes, but this one is all about the floral fabrics.

I laid out the pieces to decide on pattern, and to organise the sewing order.  Had measured everything before cutting, and decided on 841 squares in total to get a good sized queen bed quilt.

I was understandably paranoid about wind and dog paws.

Took me a good 3 part-days of sewing to finish, and I don't even want to add up the hours (Def a bit over 12, I'm guessing).  Urgh.

I've never worked with such small pieces before, but it was quite satisfying watching it get bigger inch by inch.

And then suddenly, done!

Shrunk by about 15cm on each side, so down to a respectable size for a queen bed, with edge overhang (was a scarily huge monster when the pieces were laid out).

Closeup because the whole-piece photo makes it look blue-er than it is:

In other news, we dropped off the BigSib quilt for machine-quilting yesterday, chose a nice beachy wave/koru pattern.  Can't wait to see it finished.  Couple weeks at least, before the chick has time to do it though, I reckon.

I'm aiming to have my other side pieces cut for this quilt before the w/e and the sewing of it finished for Monday.  Yay!  Years in the making, soon to see the final results!

Next side - toxic fluro crazy-shapes!  (only 50% vomit-inducing girlishness (the other 50% of me - batshit crazy)).

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