Saturday, January 5, 2013

Kiwi Quilt

The last ~24 hours I finally got around to cutting and assembling my half of the homesick quilt for The BigSib, who is in London, and - about a year ago, was missing NZ.  Of course Mum finished her half straight away, but my thesis got in the way a bit (I say a bit - it was supposed to be a pressie for them last Chrissie.  Yeah.).  Anyway - it'll be finished as soon as we sort the binding now, and just in time for them to carry it back after their visit in Feb.

The bones:
I found the kiwi fabrics ages ago and completely fell in love with the Tui/Pohutukawa one.  Mum and Dad have always had both on their properties over here, and we have been coming here since just after The Ickle Brother was born.  Bach's for the win! (it is not called a 'crib'.  Silly southerners).  Anyway - my aim was kiwi, bright - and not feminine, since the fiancĂ© would have to see this on his bed too.  I still haven't seen the design of Mum's side, will be a surprise.
It took me about 12 hours split over 2 days to fussy-cut everything and sew everything together (when I do shit, I do it).
I love patterns!  Everything is a pattern if you look close enough.  The rectangles, the orientation of the large squares - Ooooo.  Delightful.  I was worried the red would be overpowering, but if you focus on the green, the green stands out.  If you focus on the blue, the blue stands out.

I hope they like it (its OK  neither of them read these random outpourings of bollocks).  Will post final pics once we get it filled and bound and then finally quilted.

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