Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Jelly and Wine and Things

Made a jelly cake for Dad's birthday, should have added extra gelatin as it was not nearly strong enough to hold itself up.  Pity - 'cause it looked beautifully toxic.  Used the milk-method for between layer distinction, however in a lactose-intolerant household I used Almond Milk, which curdled a tiny bit, though I'm not sure what exactly in the almond milk there is to curdle...

Went to Tauranga for the morning for various errands in the company of The Bustling Metropolis One (its ironic, trust me), whom is visiting for the week, grabbed a coffee at The Dry Dock where they had two of these beautiful lamp shades:


Also, this happened in this household a couple days ago, fo'shame:

There was a discussion.  Things were sorted out.

And finally, which is ridiculous but anyway - I made wine back in 6th form and kept it.
I designed the (now faded) white wine label, with the school hat on it, using water paints and a printer and a scanner and pretty much inception of layers.  It was pretty pro, back in the day.  No photoshop to speak of back then, you know; when we walked 5 miles to school in the snow without shoes.  Yep.

Supposedly kept for my 21st, which passed us by, and my first graduation, which also passed over and then again my second grad (for PhD) which flew by with nary a shake of its tail feathers.  Then my 27th birthday happened and still nothing, until finally tonight, Mum decided she wanted the bottles off the bench, so they were opened and "tasted" and...disposed of.
It smelt sauce.  Decade old soy sauce.  Both of them, though the 'red' was much more alcoholic than the 'white'.  Urgh.
I think my teenaged talents lay not in wine making.


'Taught' The BMO how to sew today, she finished the front half of a pretty wee quilt for her sisters embryo, will finish the thing off tomorrow and maybe sneak to Manawahe for a swim.  So good to catch up with her, and talk though career choice/future plans, life-issues and so on, on which we are very similar with regards to stage.  Plus hearing amazing stories from volunteering in Africa and filling me with white-person-guilt.  Urgh.


Still no word on job application results.

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