Sunday, January 6, 2013

It rains

And I'm full of snot.

So - I'm re-watching some Harry Potter movies (starting with PoA, my fav of the books) with the dogs lying across my legs, a pot of tea at my side.  We're (we because the dogs are obviously watching too) are up to Goblet, and I had forgotten about The Doctor and Edward being all up in there.  Cute.  And Neville is still a sweet wee nerd (not yet a BAMF, sigh).  Gorgeous.

I'm also researching patterns for my own quilt; I have quite the selection of 'vintage' floral prints but cannot decide what to do with them.  This is one of my favourites, but I don't have the plain fabric to do it justice:

I think because I want the prints to be the focus and not the pattern, I might stick with a simple repeating squares design, though smaller squares than the Kiwi Quilt.  And no rectangles...less 'retro' than this, but I think you get the gist:

I'm just not sure.  Decisions, eh?  It will definitely be excessively 'sweet', so I'm thinking the reverse will have to be a toxic mix of the leftover brights from the kiwi quilt, with some oranges, purples and perhaps even a bit of fluro pink thrown in for the clash-factor.  Can't have anyone thinking me fully 'sweet' after all.  Yuck.

In other news, have you seen the fallout from the Forbes article?!  Its great.  Isis has a good starter rant if you want the quick version.  'Professorship the least stressful job of 2013' as judged by a woman who is deeply regretting her lack of article-research, right now.  Jeebus.  Gotta love the online science community, they totes got our back.  Go have a wee read, its...well, yeah.

"If chosen, you stand alone"
Victor Krum is a hottie.  I love the Durmstrang entrance.

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