Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fish in a Blanket

Went fishing off the wharf with The Bustling Metropolis One,  But we had fun!  And it was beautiful.

The kids and people either side of us were catching sprats, so I think I might go back with flies instead of rusty old hooks and bread-for-bait, and try again.  And throw them back, because god knows my fussy kitten won't eat fresh fish.

The dude next to us was packing up (had a huge camera set up for shots of the sunset) and gave us the last of his bait fish, one can only assume he was feeling sorry for us in our incompetent hilarity.  Of course we had no knife so were hacking bits of 'bait' out with our fingers (one million man points!).  The fish did protest:
Chrissie gifts this year included various bubble machines for everyone, we had a bit of a play one evening:
Trouble watching avidly, of course.  I don't really understand how bubbles can be so pretty:
'Taught' The BMO how to sew while she was visiting (and like her driving, no faster than 40km/hr...) and she whipped up a wee quilt for the baby only just making its home in the womb of her sister.
She did a fantastic job, considering it was her first time.  I did the binding, which was my first time, and I don't believe in invisible handstitching, so its....yeah.  Hah.  Do not zoom in.  I've always had Mum do the final binding on all my quilts in the past, think I will stick with that plan in future.

The BMO had brought down a jar of the jam she made from plums off her whanau's tree and I finished it off this morning - I wept over my piece of toast.  It was bloody good jam.

Fun week.  Love that girl.  Now get a job!  (umm...both of us.  Yep).

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